Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Question

Do you keep a food journal?  What types of things do you track?

A few of the competitors in my weight loss group struggled with their weight loss this week.  I'm want to encourage them in any way I can, offer tips, advice, etc. (Not that I am an expert or anything)  I think a food journal is a great place to start.  So what are your thoughts?

I found this article from Science Daily that says food journalling doubles weight loss.  Has that been your experience?


  1. Tracking definitely helped me until I found my groove as far as daily choices goes. I still track via pictures on my food diary. That way if I hit a stall or an unexpected number on the scale I can look back and see what might have impacted that.

    And I've read a lot of articles and studies that say that journaling increases success.

  2. While I am far from perfect, when I do "bite it and write it" I am very successful with the weight loss. When I wing it...well, not so successful!