Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday ResoLOSEtion

While I know that I need to work on myself and WHY I keep putting the weight back on, I think I just need to start making effort again while I do.

A couple weeks ago while watching TBL I had a thought....I should rally my friends and see if we can do our own competition and start working out together, challenge each other, etc. So came up with idea, pitched it to a few friends and boy did it take off. I talked about holidays, and gaining, then out of guilt and wanting a new start people jump on a fad starting 1/1, how most people don't stick to their resolutions, etc. I was expecting to get maybe 5 friends.

In the last two weeks I have had over 20 people (friends and friend of friends) ask to join in and compete! We each put in $20 and the money is divided between the 1st and 2nd place "losers!" based on % lost. I never expected it to be as popular as it has been. So I have been managing this group, offering advice, support, scheduling work out dates, etc. It's been SOOO motivating to talk about our various outlooks on food, working out, etc. We've discussed the challenges we all face, how they affect some but not others, etc. It has truely been inspiring.

So we started the competition on Monday 11/01 and it runs for 13 weeks and ends on 01/31.

I've taken my starting pics/measurements. I'm planning my meals, working out and considering I am running the group I REALLY feel like I need to set a precendent and keep going strong myself. Hopefully, actually I KNOW, that running this group I will have a successfull 3 months.

Over the 3 months I do plan on working on habits and the reasons I continually go back to the bad ones. SO we'll go from there...


  1. Saw your blog over on Jack's blog...
    It very pretty here!
    And you look like a person who is doing it!
    So now I'm a follower!

  2. Welcome back! I remember you! :o) It HAS been a long time! I gained a fair bit back, too. :o( I was much happier even at 195, so it's gotta come back off!