Monday, November 15, 2010

Husbandly Support

My husband is still complaining about the lack of junk food/fast food, and I keep asking him the same questions.  Do you want a baby?  Do you want to have a healthy lifestyle?  Do you want to live longer?  Or would you rather poison your body with chemicals, processed foods, and fast food?  He always agrees but the next day he brings it up again!  I did give in to him once this week and allowed to have fast food. I chose a junior burger and small chili from Wendys.  It was just OK, it wasn't what my body wanted that's for sure!

I gave into the chocolate (left over halloween candy) once this week and ate half my daily points in just crap.  I realized what I had done and asked him to hide the candy.  And now when he comes up from "doing laundry" he is licking his lips.  So, I think it's time to get the candy out of the house and give it away!!!!  I don't want to create a bad habit where he feels he has to eat behind my back like a kid.

I have to give him credit, I did drastically change everything in one day, BUT I really expected him to be more supportive than he has been.  I'm hoping he will come around.  I made a deal with him that if he shuts up about it and stops pressuring me to have the crap we can have fast food once a week.  I intend to keep it at ONCE a week!  So we'll see.

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