Thursday, November 4, 2010


Normally when I am working on eating healthy my husband is on board.  Yea, sometimes he'll want to give in to his food cravings but for the most part he is supportive.  We both need to be eating better and working out...PERIOD!

I started my competition and made changes as of Monday.  He has been super cranky with me about everything.  In the last few days he has eaten pizza in front of me and has encouraged me to eat halloween candy so he wouldn't feel guilty eating in front of me, which I voiced my opinion about but wasn't a big deal.  Then he wanted to go out for breakfast this morning and I said that I would prefer not to.  Apparently it was festering because he's cranky!

So after this morning's crank issues, lol, I asked him why he has been like that all week.  He said that he wants me to lose weight but he feels limited.  That he can't eat what he wants, he can't do the things he wants, we can't do what we normally do (eat out) and he doesn't like it.

I am so beyond frustrated with him right now.  We are both unemployed right now which means a lot of time at home, together!  And traditionally, thinking back to my old blog, I did MUCH better when he was away on the ship.

So what do you do when the people around you are struggling with being supportive?


  1. I look at it a sensitivity training....
    I can get really strong from saying "No, Thank You!"
    But it's not so easy!

  2. Yep - that is a tough one!! I always try to look at it from the other perspective.

    Controling your food = Controling your environment = controlling your spouse. I dont think that I would like it if he made changes to our life without talking to me about it.

    2 sides of a coin though. Health trumps all in my opinion. :)

    I'm lucky, my hubby is ON BOARD. In fact, he's already lost more than I have (arg!). However, when I'm upset he bring me home "treats". We talked about that, and I've asked him to stop. I also asked him to tel l me no when I say I want icecream... because I really don't

  3. Just because you are choosing to do this, doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the same things, so what you choose to order may be different, but so what. If he is feeling guilty about eating in front of you, then its HIS problem. Don't let him control you, get out take a walk. Try a new recipe make him see that you will not falter.

    Oh BTW I am a new follower. I look forward to following your journey!