Friday, November 5, 2010


I am taking my best friend on a trip to Canada this weekend for her birthday.  We are both participating in the weight loss competition that I started so we were preplanning all our meals.  We were going to pack as much as we could both for tracking point and to save money.  Allowing a couple meals out while we are up there.  THEN somebody told me you can't take fruit, vegetables, dairy, etc across the border!  That really flipped me for a loop!  Now I don't know what I am going to do!  I know I can control the dinner we eat tonight before crossing the border. Then I can take the alternative bagel I bought.  After that I guess we're going to have to stop at a grocery store along the way.  We'll see.  I dont like the unknown...makes me nervous big time!


  1. Wow that just doesn't make sense to not be able to take food across the border especially fruits and veggies. Maybe try calling someone to make sure that is the case cuz if its not then you will be able to take healthy food with you and plus save some money like you said. But that is just ridiculous. Hope you have a good trip trip tho.

  2. Awesome job on having the plan. If we plan and prepare it goes a long way towards helping us stay on track.

    What are y'all doing in Canada, besides stopping at a grocery store?

  3. As an state-side canadian I can totally understand your fear. I was totally afriad that I wouldnt find what I liked down here. But its all good!

    The only thing you will find scary is the PRICE of fruit!! eeeek!!!

    Have fun up there!

  4. Works the same for us up here, trying to visit you guys down fruit, veggies, even frozen meat (I had a friend who's motorhome was almost dumped by the US border guards before she told them all to take a hike and she'd spend all her travel money in Canada and not in the States, as planned!). I think it has something to do with the fear of contaminating crops or something...but since we tend to get most of our fruits/veggies from you guys at this time of year...just silliness if you ask me! Hope you still had a nice visit.