Monday, November 8, 2010

Travel outcome

The challenges of travels!  I know that travelling, especially if you fly, makes eating right very difficult!  I was DETERMINED this past weekend to succeed on my trip to Canada.  We packed sandwiches for dinner Friday night (to eat before the border!). A few to go pringles containers, and granola bars. We had western Alternative bagels and weight watchers cream cheese for breakfasts (hotel had a toaster).   And since we were unable to take produce across the border the first thing we did was stop at a grocery store in Canada and buy stuff!  We bought apples, oranges, bananas, yogurts, pea pods.  Those became all our snacks in between meals. We did buy a few meals up there...for lunch saturday we had the most delicious veggie soup and sandwiches at a little bistro. It was so fresh and natural it was fantastic!  Then dinner we went to a seafood restaurant and had salmon, rice, and veggies.  Yesterday on the trip back we stopped at a grocery store for lunch...bought some premade sandwichs, apples, and a treat. We made it happen, I tracked my points and though I did use weekly points I was VERY VERY happy with the how well we did.  It has got to be the best travelling/point tracking experience I've had.  Maybe I'm learning?

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  1. Dang you did well. That is practically a daily, no change in a routine kind of eating. Preparation just rocks on all sorts of levels.

    BRAVO!!! So happy you are back.