Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I had previously posted as Operation Stick To It and somewhere along the way lost my motivation. I am currently at my heaviest ever and am trying to find my way back.

My main motivation is wanting to start having babies and knowing it will be very difficult at 300lbs. I have never been very good at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and putting effort into myself.

So here I am...trying again.


  1. Linda! You took the first step in right direction. Acknowledging that something needs to be done is a great. YOU are SO worth the effort!

    I have lost 60 lbs. and have 80+ more to go. What made this time different then any other attempt was that I had to work through the mental stuff first and from the tone of your post I imagine you will need to do the mental work too.

    We are here to support you Linda!

  2. Girl, welcome back. You can do it. Think confidently. Think for life--forever.

    And read books on change. I always used to read just diet books for info. I find that reading books on how to change is more inspiring, as are books that talk about maintenance (rather than losing), so you see what's on the "other side". Try:

    Refuse to Regain
    The Thin Club

    Best of luck with the challenge!

  3. You can do it! Babies sound like good motivation to me. :)

  4. Linda! You are back. When I came back to blogging I was sad to see that you weren't posting anymore. I'm glad you found your mojo again.