Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sickly, Still

It's been a long sickly week!  I haven't had a lot of energy and have pretty much been at home all week.  I did manage a couple workouts but nothing very intense.  Tomorrow is the end of the 2nd week weigh in and I'm not worried.  I have been eating properly and I know I'll be down atleast a couple pounds.

I dont know why but I have a hankering for SHRIMP!  I would love some input on your favorite shrimp recipes.


  1. Get some rest and take care of yourself. Exercise might just make it worse for now.

    I don't cook shrimp. I eat that when I go out. Sorry!

  2. I have a great and simple shrimp recipe. It's spicy though you can let me know if you prefer a recipe with less heat. Anyway, here goes...
    Grab some low sodium Caribbean jerk marinade,place 6-8 shrimp in dish and cover with marinade.
    marinade around an hour if possible
    Heat wok and toss marinated shrimp in wok till seared.
    take a whole wheat wrap and place fresh baby spinach leaves on top
    next place shrimp on spinach bed and top with mango salsa.
    hope you enjoy let me know if you have any questions.
    Also I will be adding various healthy recipes in my blog feel free to check it out anytime. i actually just started so my favorite recipes will be added slowly over the course of next week. Anyway hope you enjoy.